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YES! Another episode of “You can’t fix stupid”

So, yesterday I was driving home from the ophthalmologist’s  office and it just happened to be the same time when the school buses were dropping of the kids.  The road I was on is 2 lanes each direction with a center turn lane. I should also mention that it is 30mph.  Two vehicles in front of me was a bus and it started slowing down and put on his lights. When he stopped, he flopped out the stop sign.  I and the other cars nearby stopped. I looked into my rear view mirror and see an SUV heading my way about 45-50mph and blows by. As I am screaming out the window that he’s an idiot, I look forward and a big charcoal gray Crown Victoria whips a u-turn and hits the lights!!!!! I let out a big ol’ redneck whoooooo!  I think that this is the first time that the cops have been around when something like that happens. It was awesome. He got pulled over in the turn lane but they ended up moving over to a side street so they would not block traffic.  I hope they hammer that guy.  5$ says he was on the phone.  You can’t fix stupid!


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