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I am still around

Long time no update. I have been pretty busy or something like that. Whatever. I haven’t really been that busy but I still haven’t been able to find time to make updates here. I am in good company If you go here or here you will see no updates in months. Was that some suttle jab at others to justify my slacking? I think so. I am sure there is a sermon in there somewhere. I am sorry. I have no excuses.

Great service at Church today. Set was as follows-

Opener- Be Glorified

Welcome/Announcements Famous One – Open the Eyes of my heart – Blessed be the Name

1st half of message on Suffering from Alistair

Dan and Terry B did the song Grace by Saving Jane. Dan played guitar on this instead of having piano. It gave the song a more sorrowful sound. See the Saving Jane version below-

Rest of message and Communion. We did communion a different way than we have before. We did a Celtic Liturgy (resposive reading) and then had the people come to the table by rows and all be served together instead of individually taking communion like we usually do.

Terri H and I sang Clinging to the Cross to open communion and then we sang How great is our God and wrapped it up with a big round of applause to our Creator.

The service was very powerfull and people were really engaged in the communion time.

On a different note- I talked to my dad a couple times in the last week. He is sounding really good. He had his radiation treatment postponed for a week due to his radiation aparatus needing to be rebuilt. The first time they made it, his head was still swollen from the surgery. He starts his radiation Monday and will be treated for 6 weeks. Thanks for all the prayers. Pop is really gratefull for all of them. I will post more updates as I get them.


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