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An old friend

Excuse me while I dry my eyes.  My mom found a cassette tape from back in 1988. It is my dad singing and we are sitting here listening to it.  It really brings back a lot of memories.  In some way I think that God wanted us to listen to it tonight. There was a song on there called “He giveth more grace”…sorry, need to wipe the eyes again.

Today we signed the paperwork to move Dad into Hospice. It was a really hard thing to do because it makes the future very present.  Mom had to keep reminding herself that this is what Dad wanted. It was a rough day for her.  Thankfully God’s mercies are renewed each morning.

all for now……….


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Tough Day

So, I have made my way to South Carolina to spend some time with my parents. I got in last night about 6 and we have been to see dad 3 times so far.  Dad has been transfered to a rehab facility pretty close to the house. I don’t know how my mom finds the strength to do it everyday except for large helpings of grace and mercy. It has been very tough for me to see my dad in the shape he is in and we are unsure of his remaining days.  Mom said a few times today that she thinks he is checking out on us. It breaks my heart but I know he is tired of it all.  He hasn’t said a word since I have been here and that is tough to handle.  I pray that tomorrow is a new day for him and that he will at least give us a smile.

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What’s going on

Not a question, as in Marvin Gaye’s great song but more of what has been happening in my world lately.

My dad gave us a scare. He got dehydrated and had to be taken to the ER. The radiation he had made it very painful for him to swallow so he wasn’t always taking his meds. The doctors were able to insert a pic line so they could hydrate him as well as a feeding tube so he could get some nourishment. The anti-biotics they have him on as well as getting food have started having positive effects. He has started participating in his PT and is also coming around mentally. Thank you all who have been praying for him. It is working and he has a long way to go in his recovery so please keep him before the Lord.

I have been pretty busy myself. I started teaching myself the Perl programming language and I think I overloaded my brain. I am almost certain there was smoke coming from my ears. I set up an account of Facebook and have been able to get in touch with some old friends. Tomorrow I am taking my Father-in-law golfing because I will be down helping out with my Dad next weekend when his birthday rolls around. I have also been thinking a lot about what Cornerstone needs to do to start growing more in worship. I think we are being called to step out of our comfort zones and see where God leads us.

PS- I got the book for my next class, it is CSI135. UNIX/Linux with some scripting thrown in. The book is “A Practical guide to Ubuntu Linux” I really would have thought that they would have used more of a Server Class OS like RHEL/CentOS, SLES, Open Solaris or maybe even BSD. The class will be pretty easy except for the scripting. Everything else in the book I do on a daily basis.

PPS- I have to go rest up for golf tomorrow. I will post again soon.

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Dad Part 8

Monday we were quite shocked to hear from the Doctor that he had removed a new tumor instead of just doing a little clean up. The plan was to remove some little tendrils that remained from the first surgery but when they opened the previous incision they found a new tumor. The first was about the size of a grape and this one was like a goose egg.  It grew since the 11th of March when they removed the first one.  It has been kind of tough to go through this again but many people have been praying for my family and we truly appreciate it. I am including an email from my brother who is currently with my folks in South Carolina.


Dad has been moved from ICU.  He is doing very well in his surgery recovery and was able to go for several walking laps around the “ICU Track”  He is on the solid food diet and eating well.  As I said in yesterday’s email he is looking very much better than he was pre op.  I credit prayer and lessons learned form the last time (March) with his quick stay in ICU. 

We talked quickly to the Dr. today and he said that there are still remnants of the tumor and roots in places that he didn’t feel it appropriate to remove at this time.  He is going to start reducing the steroids because he said Dad wouldn’t need them anymore.  After learning the news of what the surgeon accomplished, Dad seems to be looking a bit forward to the next course of treatment.  (This is answer to one of my prayers, because he seemed to lose a bit of will to keep on keeping on) . The surgeon said that the tumor is only located on one side of his brain so that was very encouraging for Dad to hear.  I think that dad should be getting released from hospital very soon.

Please know that we appreciate all that you have done for us.  My father knows you are praying and that you love him and this is a great help for him.  The church family has wrapped us in Christ’s love and it has certainly carried us through all of this.

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Dad part 6

Been a while since I did an update on Dad. He is doing better each day. He continues to thank everyone for their prayers and also asks that each one continue. The swelling of his brain is going down and he is slowly being taken off the steroids. In a couple of days, LeAnn and I will be off to Ohio to see them. My middle nephew Zack is graduating High School and so my brother Mark drove down to SC to pick them up and bring them to Ohio. All the family is descending on the homestead for the weekend because not only is it graduation weekend, it is my Parents 50th wedding Anniversary on Sunday!!!!! How awesome is that????

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I am still around

Long time no update. I have been pretty busy or something like that. Whatever. I haven’t really been that busy but I still haven’t been able to find time to make updates here. I am in good company If you go here or here you will see no updates in months. Was that some suttle jab at others to justify my slacking? I think so. I am sure there is a sermon in there somewhere. I am sorry. I have no excuses.

Great service at Church today. Set was as follows-

Opener- Be Glorified

Welcome/Announcements Famous One – Open the Eyes of my heart – Blessed be the Name

1st half of message on Suffering from Alistair

Dan and Terry B did the song Grace by Saving Jane. Dan played guitar on this instead of having piano. It gave the song a more sorrowful sound. See the Saving Jane version below-

Rest of message and Communion. We did communion a different way than we have before. We did a Celtic Liturgy (resposive reading) and then had the people come to the table by rows and all be served together instead of individually taking communion like we usually do.

Terri H and I sang Clinging to the Cross to open communion and then we sang How great is our God and wrapped it up with a big round of applause to our Creator.

The service was very powerfull and people were really engaged in the communion time.

On a different note- I talked to my dad a couple times in the last week. He is sounding really good. He had his radiation treatment postponed for a week due to his radiation aparatus needing to be rebuilt. The first time they made it, his head was still swollen from the surgery. He starts his radiation Monday and will be treated for 6 weeks. Thanks for all the prayers. Pop is really gratefull for all of them. I will post more updates as I get them.

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Dad part 5

Latest update on my Dad-

Praying Friends,
Dad finally got the path report on his tumor today, which praise the Lord was graded as a low grade tumor. He met with the Oncologist this morning and another MRI was ordered to verify the results of the surgery and then completely plan the rest of his treatment. They said that the MRI would show better detail than the post surgery CAT scan. He really likes the Oncologist and felt that they were much more informative and helpful than the Neurologist. He has had some nerve related problems since the 2 seizures. He is going to get some physical therapy to address them. (they are problems with swallowing and tingling and weakness in his left limbs) He will start radiation after his MRI and the oncologist said depending on the result they might give his radiation with a pill of some kind to intensify the effect where it is needed.

He was able to go to church yesterday morning. He was a bit tired but really was glad he was able to go.

I would ask that you would continue to uphold him in your prayers. Specifically, that his treatments would be effective, he would regain his energy level and that the PT would help him with his neurological problems he is having, and that their transportation needs would continue to be met. Praise the Lord for good news and also for the way He has provided during this whole situation. It is beyond sweet to have a Rock to stand on.

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