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Congratulations Ryan Newman

The 50th Daytona 500 has now come and gone and Ryan Newman from Penske South Racing has wound up in Victory lane.  It has been since 2005 since he has taken the checkers so hats off to him.  My Hendrick boys didn’t fair as well with Dale Jr’s 9th place being the highest finish for the team.  The Gibbs camp was very strong all day. Kyle Busch definitely had the car to beat for the majority of the race.  It was a pretty uneventful race until the last 30 laps or so. I think part of that is the new wing on the back of the cars. It really helps to prevent some wrecks that would have without a doubt happened in the old car.  Next week they are off to California.  Be on the look out for the Gibbs cars again but also look for Jimmie Johnson to get back up to the front.


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50th Annual Daytona 500

Well, this year’s season starts off where last year’s ended. Jimmie Johnson, the 2x NASCAR Champion is starting from the pole.  He has the opportunity  to be the second person to win 3 NASCAR titles in a row.  I believe he can do it but I also believe that this year is going to be tough.  Toyota with the addition of Joe Gibbs Racing has really improved.  Michael Waltrip Racing also looks much better than last year.  Michael actually is sitting on the outside of the front row.  It will be interesting to see if the Fords and the Dodges can get things worked out. Neither one was really outstanding so far in Speed Weeks.  Dodges looked better than the Blue Oval crew but barely.  I haven’t seen much about the other two series but I will definitely try and watch the Truck race Friday night. It is always a great  race.  I can’t wait!

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Watch out for the Asteroids!!!!

Eh? I don’t have any idea what I mean by that title other than it has been since the 16th of November since I made a post. I have had no time to actually think of anything to say. Since I posted last,Jimmie Johnson won his second straight Nextel Cup, I got an A in my second college class to maintain my 4.0( Not really impressive given the classes I’ve taken), a really good office Christmas party in Baltimore, Christmas came and went along with the wonderful time off of work and in a few more days 2008 will be here.

Tonight, LeAnn and I decided to run out and get a bite to eat. We went to a little bbq place down the road and while we were eating, this guy came in and sat down behind us.

Get ready for 2K8! It will be here before you know it. Make a difference this year!!!

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No Respect

I can’t tell you how many articles I read saying how Jimmie Johnson was going to lay back and not take any chances at Homestead on Sunday. I would really love to see how fast he could go if he was laying back. HE TOOK THE POLE @ 176.788MPH. Laying back my big toe. When are people going to start giving the guy a bit of respect?

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Is there any doubt–

who should win the Nascar Title for 2007? 10 Races on the year, the last four in a row with a great possibility of winning at Homestead? JJ has spanked the competition this year. I find it funny that everyone is griping because it is down to two people for the title. They never seem to gripe when their favorite driver is winning. Tony Stewart had a heck of a run last season winning three of the final 10 races. I didn’t hear anyone complain then. Maybe after Jimmie wins he will finally get a bit of respect. Somehow I doubt it.

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