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Festapalooza 2008

On Saturday, I spent the day at Capital City Contractors farm out in Western HO Co. We were invited to play for their annual fall festival. It is a great time they host for the Mount Airy Bible Church. There is a fishing tournament, a car show, horse rides, tons of cool games and activities for the whole family.  We got there at about 9:30 am and set up the PA and all the gear.  We started the first of 3 sets about 1 pm and finished up about 4:30.


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We had a cool opportunity today.  We were invited to play at a fall festival that was an outreach for Mount Airy Baptist Church.  We played 3 sets on the back of two flatbed trailers.  I don’t know how many people were there because it was so spread out.  They had a car show, a fishing tournament, pony rides, a puppet show and lots of food.  Here is a shot of us on the trailers-

The BIG C band

I will post more pics later. I haven’t sorted them out yet.

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Concert Update Part 2

Here are a couple of pics from the concert as promised. The lighting was bad for Monk and Neagle and also for Aaron Shust but for Mercy Me it was really good.


Monk and Neagle

Aaron Shust

Mercy Me

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Concert Update Part 1

So, I didn’t get back to the update as soon as I thought I would. Never the less here it goes. This is part one of two as our camera is still in LeAnn’s car.

We drove over to Williamsport, MD to see Mercy Me, Aaron Shust, and Monk & Neagle. It took about 1 1/2 hours. The show started at 7 so we made our way in to find a seat. It was general admission so all seats were up for grabs. We had Gold Circle seats so we were up in the first 4 rows. Apparently, 30 minutes early was not enough to get a great location but we ended up in the 4th row about 20 yards left of center right in front of the speaker stacks. I kind of had second thoughts about this but they were the best seats that were left.

Monk and Neagle opened the show and played about 5 songs. This is the first time I had ever heard them so I do not know the names of their songs. I gotta say, these two guys are awesome. I can’t think of any two other male artists that I have heard that harmonize so well. Besides their giftedness as singers, they are awesome songwriters and very good guitarists as well. I was kind of concerned when they both showed up with the same guitars because I figured they wouldn’t really stand out from each other but Neagle played capo’d on everything and used different chord voicings from what Monk was playing. They ended their set with a song about a Soldier who was preparing to go off to war and giving his son some advice. As a vet who has been to war, I really appreciated this song. Props to Monk and Neagle!!!!!

Aaron Shust came out next. He really ran through his set. I think they played about 8 or 10 songs including the hits they have on the radio. It was a good set. Aaron is a very gifted musician. He plays multiple instruments and has a pretty good vocal range. I will probably try and pick up some of his music.

Mercy Me closed the show with a great set. If you have ever seen Mercy Me headline a show, you know what I am talking about. These guys really have a heart for God and are so transparent. They talk about the struggles they go through and also deliver words of conviction. If you get the chance to see this band live, you have to do it.

I will put a few pictures up later in the week when I get a chance.

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Concert Tonight

Tonight LeAnn and I are off to Williamsport to see Mercy Me, Aaron Shust, and Monk & Neagle. I have been looking forward to this since I got the tickets. I found them online at work and they turned out to be Gold Circle so I think that is the first 4 rows. SWEET!!!!

I am really looking forward to hearing Monk & Neagle. I had never heard of them but I did some googleing and found nothing but excellent reviews. I will post an update sometime this weekend.

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So I have noticed via the Stat counter, my post about the Gibson SG gets the most hits. 77 views a couple of days ago! Why are you waiting? Go out and buy one this minute. I really love mine. It is so comfortable to play and it sounds awesome. I play mine through Marshal DSL 50 watt combo. I would like to play it through a half or full stack or a Soldano SLO100. I really love the sound Soldano. I just can’t afford one and none of my buds have one either. Maybe Warren Haynes will read this and give me one of his…(wishfull thinking there) He is actually the only person I have heard play through one. He generally plays a Les Paul through his. You can find out more about Warren here or his band Gov’t Mule here. Here is one more look at the model of SG that I have.

Gibson SG Standard

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It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day

So, today @ church Bruce spoke about Joshua.  It was a good message about being consistent. Drawing a line in the sand and either following God or not. Main point being “Don’t dabble”  You can’t play both sides of the line. How easy is it for us to blend into our surroundings when we leave the walls of our church? I have been guilty of that many times. I have been working on that aspect of my life for several years and have been having many successes. I still get caught up every once in a while but I am still in the fight. I haven’t run away. That was the other point during todays message. We all fail and until Christ returns, we will continue. When we fail, we need to have a community that will lift us up and show us God’s grace. So many times people screw up big time and never darken the door of another church because they are ashamed but also because many times the other people look at them funny or talk about them or anything else but showing them the love of Christ and pointing them back to the cross. At the end of the service, we had the opportunity to go to one of the back tables and write down on a rock something that we want to work on in our life and then take it home with us. It is something that we can keep in our pocket to remind us not to run away when we fail. It also was a point back to the message where Joshua used a big rock to serve as a reminder to the Hebrew people of their  choice to follow God and forsake the idols of their past.  I didn’t get to take a rock because we were playing Mountain of God while everyone was doing the rock thing.  Even though I didn’t get a rock, I made my own commitment and I am starting fresh. It’s a new dawn……….

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