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So for Easter this year, we did things a little bit different. We started out with a Tenebrae service on Friday night. LeAnn set up the main corridor up with different tables for people to interact with as they made their way to the Worship center. She had a table that had the broken bread, one that had Jesus praying for the disciples, one that was praying for all the saints, the next one was the cup, then finally the garden. Each table had specific scripture and decorations that highlighted each scripture. The Worship center was dark except for a table full of candles and a dimly lit cross on the stage. As the 18th and 19 chapters of John were read, a candle was extinguished every so often until the only light in the room was the dimly lit cross. After prayer, the people were dismissed in silence and given a cut nail on the way out to have as a reminder and something to contemplate over the weekend. The night was very somber.

We picked back up Sunday morning with a video from Sermon Spice called Crucifixion. From there Michael and Terri sang “Were you there”. They ended on the verse with the tomb. After that, Bruce got up and gave the first section of the message. It was asking a lot of questions from the disciples perspective. ” What if were were wrong? What will we do now? ” etc… The band took the stage at the end of the message section and played “By his wounds” during this song, LeAnn changed out the purple fabric on the cross with a white piece. At the end of the song, Bruce came up and invited everyone to come up and take a flower and lay it at the foot of the cross to symbolize laying our brokenness at the feet of Jesus. We went into “Sweetly broken” by Jeremy Riddle when the flower laying was going on. Also during this song, live flowers were placed along the front of the stage to symbolize death to life. After that, the band sat back down and Bruce came back to the stage. He started proclaiming the gospel for all he was worth. It was Awesome. He really did a great job. He finished with prayer and the band came back up on stage. We then played “One Name, Blessed be the Name, and Marvelous Light.” At the end of Marvelous, we cut back into the chorus of Sweetly Broken.

I was spent at the end of the service. I had to find a chair and sit for a few minutes. It is amazing to me how I can play an 1 or 1 &1/2 hour rock set and not be tired but give me a 3 or 4 worship song set and I have to take a break. It was really awesome to hear the feedback after the service. It reached people on many different levels and across the age range of the church. I felt truly blessed to be a part of it.


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