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First day with new “Ears”

I never thought that at 38 I would need to have hearing aids.  I should have seen the writing on the wall due to many factors such as: ruptures on my timpanic membrane, rock concerts,working around F-16’s for 4 years, working around racks of servers for 10+ years as well as some hereditary loss.  I always tried to use hearing protection except for the concerts but I still suffered damage to my hearing.  It finally got to the point that it was really frustrating me because in public, all I could hear was mumbles. I had to turn my head to point my good ear in the direction of the person speaking and sometimes read lips.  LeAnn was also very frustrated with my hearing loss as most of the time, it was she that I couldn’t hear.

I went with the WIDEX Aikia model and they are pretty sweet.  It is cool to be able to hear again.  I need to get the music program tweaked a bit.  I tried them at practice last night and they seemed to filter out the snare drum which is a problem when trying to play rythym guitar.  Singing with them on was ok and I had to bring the monitors down.  I also need to get some custom tips made because the shape of my ear canal does not fit the standard sizes.  Below you can see a pic of what they look like.  I might get some action shots up later. I will also continue to post updates about my experiences with them.


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