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The great debaters

Give me a freaking break!!!!! Can these two guys quit trying to one up each other and actually get something accomplished. Tom Brokaw is the only one staying on point.


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I don’t have a clue about twitter. It seems like the postings are called tweets. Shouldn’t they be called twitts?


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Captain Underpants

There I was, driving home about 5 blocks from the house and I get stopped at a red light.  I look over towards the barbershop and see this guy that was obviously glazed on some “substance” if you get my drift.  He was wearing a black hoodie( This is a sweatshirt with a hood if you are not hip to the lingo of the day)  He was trying to wear some black jeans but apparently he forgot to put on his butt today because the waistband was about 2 inches above his knees.  Is there something about showing your underpants that makes the girls swoon?

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Quote of the day — File under Can’t Fix Stupid

I can not believe this quote–

“I never inhaled any poop gas and got high off it,”  

This is from an article on I will let you read the article if you would like.

You can’t fix stupid

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The lefties are killing me

I am really getting tired of the congressional leadership that is in office.  All they do is try and one up the president.  They blame him for everything bad and don’t give him any credit for anything good.  Everything is either his fault or Global warming’s fault which in turn is the presidents fault too. I think that the dems are still stewing over the whole Clinton impeachment deal.  And speaking if global warming how on earth did the guy that has one of the largest monthly electric usages for a private residence get and oscar and a nobel prize for documentary that has many inaccuracies?  The British courts claim up to 25%.  I just don’t get it.  I am not saying that we don’t need to do something about the environment because we do. We need to do a lot of things. This country has really gone down the tubes in the past 30 years.  I wonder if it is a coincidence that the people who were the troublemakers in the 60’s are the ones who are in power now?

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YES! Another episode of “You can’t fix stupid”

So, yesterday I was driving home from the ophthalmologist’s  office and it just happened to be the same time when the school buses were dropping of the kids.  The road I was on is 2 lanes each direction with a center turn lane. I should also mention that it is 30mph.  Two vehicles in front of me was a bus and it started slowing down and put on his lights. When he stopped, he flopped out the stop sign.  I and the other cars nearby stopped. I looked into my rear view mirror and see an SUV heading my way about 45-50mph and blows by. As I am screaming out the window that he’s an idiot, I look forward and a big charcoal gray Crown Victoria whips a u-turn and hits the lights!!!!! I let out a big ol’ redneck whoooooo!  I think that this is the first time that the cops have been around when something like that happens. It was awesome. He got pulled over in the turn lane but they ended up moving over to a side street so they would not block traffic.  I hope they hammer that guy.  5$ says he was on the phone.  You can’t fix stupid!

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Catch up time

I am not sure why but I always seem to have to make catch up posts. Today’s installment covers several topics. First being respect.

I was driving to work one day last week and was about to merge onto Rt.32. Traffic was not to heavy but for some reason, everyone was driving in the rightmost lane. There was plenty of room for the cars to move over to the left lane but they chose not to. Finally as the merge lane was about to end, a car slowed so I could pull out. I looked up in my rear view mirror to wave a thank-you and saw an old man in the car salute me. I didn’t think to deep on it at first but a few minutes later he drove around me and I saw a bumper sticker on his car that said “Vietnam Vets against John Kerry.” At that moment it clicked for me. I was driving my Mustang that day and I have Special tags that have the Southwest Asia Service Medal on them from when I was in Desert Storm. Once I figured out why he saluted I really felt honored that he saluted me. It is a cool bond that we former military troops have. Sometimes it is a handshake, sometimes it is a head nod, but it is always a respect for what each other has gone through.

My next segment falls under the “Can’t fix stupid” category.  Friday night, I met LeAnn in Columbia and we decided to go to Panera to get some dinner before band practice (more on practice later).  We got there and there was a car parked at the curb stopping just short of the crosswalk but well in the red curb fire lane section.  There were many parking spots available but for some reason, there are many special people in town who don’t believe they should have to walk any farther than the curb.  The car was running which was the first sign something was up and then I kinda peeked into the car and saw a baby in a car seat, and her purse on the front seat.  Both LeAnn and I went on alert at that point.  We watched the car for about 5-10 minutes and then  saw a friend of ours walk out of Panera with dinner for her and her husband. We asked Becky if she had seen the car and she said that it was there when she had got there 15 minutes earlier.  I handed LeAnn my phone to call 911 so I could go order dinner.  The lady came out of the cell phone store 10 or so minutes later with a bag containing a new phone.  She left before the police showed up so LeAnn called the police back to let them know that the owner  had left.  We couldn’t believe that someone in this day and age would leave a child in a running car.  Say it with me, ” You can’t fix stupid!”

On to practice, On October 13th, several members of the worship teams from Cornerstone and our old drummer Nelson who goes to New Hope are participating in an outreach for a church in western Howard county.  We practiced for about 21/2 hours and got through almost 2 of 3 sets.  Originally we were going to do a mix of songs we do at church and a bunch of classic rock songs. We found out that they wanted us to play only Christian songs so we had to modify our set lists a bit.  Practice was really fun and I am really looking forward to the gig.  We don’t often get the chance to play outside of church so I am really excited.

As far as playing at church, Today was something spectacular.  We had a short set of 4 songs: Come Worship the King, Agnus Dei, Famous One, and No one like you.   The last song had so much energy and we played and clapped so hard through the song, my arms ached when we were finished.   Bruce’s sermon was on whether or not Jesus was political or not.  He asked the question” If our government today was the government in Jesus’ day, would he be a democrat or a republican?”  His answer was “Neither. He was a revolutionary.”  It is so true, Jesus brought so many things to the table. He really knew how to ask the right questions to make people think about what and why they did things. He showed his power and authority at the same time he showed his humility.  What a world shaker!  Where can we follow his steps?

Until next time…………..

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