Dad Part 8

Monday we were quite shocked to hear from the Doctor that he had removed a new tumor instead of just doing a little clean up. The plan was to remove some little tendrils that remained from the first surgery but when they opened the previous incision they found a new tumor. The first was about the size of a grape and this one was like a goose egg.  It grew since the 11th of March when they removed the first one.  It has been kind of tough to go through this again but many people have been praying for my family and we truly appreciate it. I am including an email from my brother who is currently with my folks in South Carolina.


Dad has been moved from ICU.  He is doing very well in his surgery recovery and was able to go for several walking laps around the “ICU Track”  He is on the solid food diet and eating well.  As I said in yesterday’s email he is looking very much better than he was pre op.  I credit prayer and lessons learned form the last time (March) with his quick stay in ICU. 

We talked quickly to the Dr. today and he said that there are still remnants of the tumor and roots in places that he didn’t feel it appropriate to remove at this time.  He is going to start reducing the steroids because he said Dad wouldn’t need them anymore.  After learning the news of what the surgeon accomplished, Dad seems to be looking a bit forward to the next course of treatment.  (This is answer to one of my prayers, because he seemed to lose a bit of will to keep on keeping on) . The surgeon said that the tumor is only located on one side of his brain so that was very encouraging for Dad to hear.  I think that dad should be getting released from hospital very soon.

Please know that we appreciate all that you have done for us.  My father knows you are praying and that you love him and this is a great help for him.  The church family has wrapped us in Christ’s love and it has certainly carried us through all of this.

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