Camping @ it’s finest

This past weekend, the iFit group from Cornerstone went camping at Cunningham Falls.  We headed out on Friday afternoon and made it to the camp around 6:30 PM. We got our tent set up and then went over to the community site for dinner and hanging out.  After we chowed down on the normal camping fare of hotdogs and chips etc, we spent the evening sitting around the fire and chilled out.  Sometime during the evening, i broke out the guitar and we sang some cool worship songs.  Mainly ones I remember ( mostly Charlie Hall and 3rd Day) since the bugs were out and we didn’t want to have the lantern on so I could look at cheater charts. On Saturday, a gigantic thunder storm rolled through and drenched us good.  5 of us headed out on a field trip to Gettysburgh PA for lunch and then we went to the new Visitor’s center.  If you have never been there, it is amazing. They got rid of the Electric map from the original welcome center but they replaced it with some pretty cool videos.  We really had a great time.  On the way back to camp, we stopped at the outlets and Alistair picked up some new clothes to take back to England next month. We also picked up some fudge to share with our friends back at camp. We ended up heading home about noon on Sunday.  Overall it was a pretty cool weekend and I got to actually relax a bit.  Check out the pictures over at the iFit site~

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