Cool Quote

Today at Church, we were studying the compassion of Jesus. Bruce shared with us a quote from Deb Hirsch. Since I didn’t hear it firsthand, I am going to try and get it right.  Deb was speaking in Washington DC and talking about how she and her husband Alan used to move into Red light districts. Anyway, the quote was “You can’t love what you can not see.”  It was really profound and made me feel like poo.  You see, last week I was filling my car up with gas and someone came up and asked if I had 75cents. Without even checking I said “Sorry, I don’t have any change.” It has been bugging me all week. I can’t believe that I responded that way.  75 freaking cents!!!! Needless to say I have been praying for forgiveness and a change of character since.

Anyway, think about the quote and what it means and let it get under your skin–

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