Dad part 5

Latest update on my Dad-

Praying Friends,
Dad finally got the path report on his tumor today, which praise the Lord was graded as a low grade tumor. He met with the Oncologist this morning and another MRI was ordered to verify the results of the surgery and then completely plan the rest of his treatment. They said that the MRI would show better detail than the post surgery CAT scan. He really likes the Oncologist and felt that they were much more informative and helpful than the Neurologist. He has had some nerve related problems since the 2 seizures. He is going to get some physical therapy to address them. (they are problems with swallowing and tingling and weakness in his left limbs) He will start radiation after his MRI and the oncologist said depending on the result they might give his radiation with a pill of some kind to intensify the effect where it is needed.

He was able to go to church yesterday morning. He was a bit tired but really was glad he was able to go.

I would ask that you would continue to uphold him in your prayers. Specifically, that his treatments would be effective, he would regain his energy level and that the PT would help him with his neurological problems he is having, and that their transportation needs would continue to be met. Praise the Lord for good news and also for the way He has provided during this whole situation. It is beyond sweet to have a Rock to stand on.


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