Happy Birthday to me! or Dad part4

So here I am another year older. I did get my birthday wish this year. Check out this email from my brother-

I wanted to get the word out to all about Dad’s surgery today. This might be review for some of whom I have talked to on the phone.

The Tumor was removed in total today. It was about the size they predicted. We will know on Friday what the pathology is. We are hoping for a grade 1 or 2 versus a grade 3 or 4. The after care is at least some radiation treatment. If the tumor is a grade 3 or 4 he will have to undergo Radiation and Chemo treatments.

This afternoon Dad was coming out of the anesthesiology and was getting back to poking fun at people as he always does, so we know that he is feeling much better. He had a bit of a headache. He said that they used an electric bone saw to cut out the piece of skull for access. I asked him if it was a Dewault or a no name. He chuckled a bit about that. He has 4 little bandaids to cover the screw holes they used for the Halo they used to support his head in the operation. He has another line of incision where they accessed his skull. All in all a very neat operation. He will remain in ICU this evening and then tomorrow they expect to get him up and around, and hopefully downgrade his room. The Dr expected his stay to be only a few days.

I am sure he will be able to have other visitors tomorrow.

It has really been a blessing to be here. My parents’ church family are so genuine and caring. We had 2 come stay with us before the surgery (6:30 this morning) and pray with us as well. Also the many that have come over to visit and called to commit their prayer support for Dads situation. It is really evident that God is in control of the situation here and meeting every need. My Dad has been at peace with all that has happened and I know without a doubt that he relies on God for his every need. It’s refreshing to see God’s hand move.

It’s a sweet hospital. The hospitals Chaplain lead a prayer for the whole Hospital first thing this morning over the intercom. I don’t thank that would happen very many places any more.

I thank each of your for your prayers and ask for continued prayers for the results of the pathology and continuing care for my Dad. Also please say a prayer for the gentleman in the room next to Dad’s. He was in an automobile accident and is in really bad shape. I don’t know his name, but his family (all 30 or 40 of them) are there and praying for him.

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