Start it off right

Welcome to 2008! Are you ready to kick it off the right way? On Sunday, Alistair delivered his first message at Cornerstone and he was talking about how most people’s new years resolutions go by the wayside because they don’t right them down and revisit them. I thought it was an awesome tip. I haven’t really done much in the way of resolutions before except for a few years I would vow to start running or quit smoking. They never would last more than a few days because I would quickly start rationalizing ways to not keep with it. I finally beat the cigarettes March 15, 2002. I never have got back to the running. That is mainly due to my knees being in bad shape from my time in the USAF. Anyway, if you are making a New Years Resolution this year, try what Alistair said and write it down and look at it at least once a week to keep it fresh in your thoughts. I will try and link in his message when it gets posted up.

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