Concert Update Part 1

So, I didn’t get back to the update as soon as I thought I would. Never the less here it goes. This is part one of two as our camera is still in LeAnn’s car.

We drove over to Williamsport, MD to see Mercy Me, Aaron Shust, and Monk & Neagle. It took about 1 1/2 hours. The show started at 7 so we made our way in to find a seat. It was general admission so all seats were up for grabs. We had Gold Circle seats so we were up in the first 4 rows. Apparently, 30 minutes early was not enough to get a great location but we ended up in the 4th row about 20 yards left of center right in front of the speaker stacks. I kind of had second thoughts about this but they were the best seats that were left.

Monk and Neagle opened the show and played about 5 songs. This is the first time I had ever heard them so I do not know the names of their songs. I gotta say, these two guys are awesome. I can’t think of any two other male artists that I have heard that harmonize so well. Besides their giftedness as singers, they are awesome songwriters and very good guitarists as well. I was kind of concerned when they both showed up with the same guitars because I figured they wouldn’t really stand out from each other but Neagle played capo’d on everything and used different chord voicings from what Monk was playing. They ended their set with a song about a Soldier who was preparing to go off to war and giving his son some advice. As a vet who has been to war, I really appreciated this song. Props to Monk and Neagle!!!!!

Aaron Shust came out next. He really ran through his set. I think they played about 8 or 10 songs including the hits they have on the radio. It was a good set. Aaron is a very gifted musician. He plays multiple instruments and has a pretty good vocal range. I will probably try and pick up some of his music.

Mercy Me closed the show with a great set. If you have ever seen Mercy Me headline a show, you know what I am talking about. These guys really have a heart for God and are so transparent. They talk about the struggles they go through and also deliver words of conviction. If you get the chance to see this band live, you have to do it.

I will put a few pictures up later in the week when I get a chance.

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    adam said,

    ed~ thanks for stopping by! you do know “bocephus” was hank williams, jr’s nickname? i hate country western music. lol!

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