So I have noticed via the Stat counter, my post about the Gibson SG gets the most hits. 77 views a couple of days ago! Why are you waiting? Go out and buy one this minute. I really love mine. It is so comfortable to play and it sounds awesome. I play mine through Marshal DSL 50 watt combo. I would like to play it through a half or full stack or a Soldano SLO100. I really love the sound Soldano. I just can’t afford one and none of my buds have one either. Maybe Warren Haynes will read this and give me one of his…(wishfull thinking there) He is actually the only person I have heard play through one. He generally plays a Les Paul through his. You can find out more about Warren here or his band Gov’t Mule here. Here is one more look at the model of SG that I have.

Gibson SG Standard

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