It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day

So, today @ church Bruce spoke about Joshua.  It was a good message about being consistent. Drawing a line in the sand and either following God or not. Main point being “Don’t dabble”  You can’t play both sides of the line. How easy is it for us to blend into our surroundings when we leave the walls of our church? I have been guilty of that many times. I have been working on that aspect of my life for several years and have been having many successes. I still get caught up every once in a while but I am still in the fight. I haven’t run away. That was the other point during todays message. We all fail and until Christ returns, we will continue. When we fail, we need to have a community that will lift us up and show us God’s grace. So many times people screw up big time and never darken the door of another church because they are ashamed but also because many times the other people look at them funny or talk about them or anything else but showing them the love of Christ and pointing them back to the cross. At the end of the service, we had the opportunity to go to one of the back tables and write down on a rock something that we want to work on in our life and then take it home with us. It is something that we can keep in our pocket to remind us not to run away when we fail. It also was a point back to the message where Joshua used a big rock to serve as a reminder to the Hebrew people of their  choice to follow God and forsake the idols of their past.  I didn’t get to take a rock because we were playing Mountain of God while everyone was doing the rock thing.  Even though I didn’t get a rock, I made my own commitment and I am starting fresh. It’s a new dawn……….

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