Life goes on…

Catch up time again…

I finished my first college class.  I got a 97% but should have had a 99%.  I disagreed with a few of the mid-term and final questions but I wasn’t given credit for them by the teacher.  I asked her about them several times but she would only reply “You won’t miss the other points.”  I told her it didn’t matter if I would miss them or not. I earned them. Besides, I corrected errors they had on their test.  I could have actually taught the course. I had to force myself at times to keep my mouth shut and finally got to where I wouldn’t answer any questions unless no one else could figure it out.  I start my next class August 27th. It is going to be another easy one.  Next semester I am going to start doing 2 or more classes at a time.  I also might clep some courses to get my degree knocked out quicker.

Work is going great.  We are having our annual crab fest tomorrow.  My wife is more excited about it than I am but she loves crabs and I can’t stand them.  When I worked my last job, I couldn’t stand to go on any of the team builds. They always seemed to be a time where the management would try and make you forget how bad they treated you the rest of the time. Where I work now, they are actually sincere in their appreciation of the employees. They believe that the employees is what makes the company successful so they make sure to show us.

On the church front, things are busy as usual. We just got a Student from Cliff College in Manchester, England.  He is taking a year off from school to work in our church with the youth. He is staying with my in-laws and we went over to meet him last night.  I think it will be a cool time for the kids in our church. For various reasons, they have not had stable leadership for some time.

I am really getting tired of the band situation that we currently have.  I have to rotate the people from my band and the other band who is still without a leader though. John(co-leader) and myself prefer to have a closed band for several reasons. We also enjoy being off every other month so we can be led in worship. I miss playing the times when we are off but I do enjoy the extra time that I can spend with my wife. Hopefully in the near future we will be back to two bands.

All for now…

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