In the Round

So….long time no blog.  That is the story of my life.  So, here is some catch up-

I played golf yesterday, it was the annual outing for the company I work for.  I catually played ok. The other 3 guys on my team said that for it being my 2nd time(first was 1989) I did amazing.  The cool thing was they were very gracious. I actually learned many good tips from listening and watching. I picked up about 75 yards on my drives from where I started the day.

I have been busy with the band at church.  One of our leaders took some time off so John and I have picked up the folks from the other band and are rotating them through with our folks. It is a challenge scheduling everyone.  Add in rearranging the message series to due to Pastor Esdras from the Dominican Republic coming to speak….I have redone the schedule 4 times. I really hope that God provides us with a new leader for the 2nd band soon.  It is really nice to be able to have every other month off so we can be led in worship, and also have the time off to spend with our families.

Tuesday I become a College student. I went into the Air Force directly out of High School and due to the jobs I had keeping me on travel, I never took any classes. I have been out of the Air Force for 8 years now(19 years out of HS) and it is time to hit the books.  My company is picking up the full tab so I can’t really put it off any more.  I don’t want to live here forever so in order to get a good job where I don’t have any street cred, I have to have a degree. Wish me luck!

Enough about me. On to the title.  This week, we are doing worship “in the round”. Basically, we will be arranging the chairs into some sort of a circle with John and I rounding it out.  The message is about intimacy in prayer and so we want to create an intimate environment for worship.  We usually are up on a stage but this week we will be down on the floor. Originally, I thought we would be the hole in the donut but due to the shape of our worship center, we couldn’t pull it off.  I really think that it will be a great service. Last week’s service was amazing. The message was by Terry B. She did an awesome job.  If you want to hear it, you can download it at

All for now…

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