Pain in the Back

But isn’t it “Pain in the neck” you ask? Well, It is pain in the neck and back if you must know. The last few months it seems like my visits to the chiropractor have not been providing the relief they used to. I have actually been considering selling my Les Paul due to the pain it leaves me with when I play it. For those that don’t know, the Les Paul is a heavy guitar. It has a solid mahogany back with a maple top cap. Mine, being a Les Paul Standard also has ivoroid binding around the body and also the neck. I really love the guitar and it sounds awesome( Not as awesome as it could sound with a different person playing it…) It just kills my back every time I play it. You can see what it looks like here-LP STD

I borrowed a G&L ASAT semi hollow from a friend and I really liked the weight of it but as soon as I plugged it in, I realized why I love humbuckers so much. I also didn’t like the feel of the neck-G&L

What I am going to look at next is the Gibson SG Standard-SG I am leaning to Heritage Cherry (shown) or Tobacco Burst. The cool thing for me is that it is a good bit lighter than the Les Paul because it half as thick. This has an affect on the tone but I can definately work with it. This guitar was the backbone of all those AC/DC riffs for crying out loud. I think it will be crunchy enough. It is also the prefered axe of Derek Trucks of the Allman Brothers band as well as the Derek Trucks band. He is an awesome player and he gets some amazing tones out of his SG’s.

I have a few places I can look for one, Guitar Center and Bill’s MusicHouse. I prefer Bill’s because it is “Not” guitar center and also, I know a guy there…hehehe. As I get closer to my decision I will post more on this……..

So here is the Guitar that I decided on. 2006 Gibson SG Standard. 490R and 498T Pickups. It sounds awesome.

Gibson SG Standard

I had to edit this post in order to get anything to show up. I seem to have blog infection and can’t make new posts. I need to get that figured out.  I have some more posts for the can’t fix stupid file.

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  1. 1

    J said,

    PRS is the only way to go if you just want one electric. They did away with the need for a Paul, a Strat, and a Tele just to cover the bases most us want to be able to cover. It’s been awhile (15 years) since I was into it but an amp was the biggest part of any sound I ever shot for. Can’t go wrong with a Boogie, or at least you couldn’t back in the day. The secret to the Allmanesque Derek Trucks sound is cranking it up. All the way up. Duane used a 50 watt Marshall head and cranked it wide open both live and in the studio. His talent, those PAFs, and the screaming amp produced the greatest guitar sound I’ve ever heard.

    Once upon a time I had a bird’s eye maple Les Paul custom. That darn thing weighed about 11 pounds, more than banjos I’ve owned and played much to the chagrin of my back. Back then Gibson had quality control issues and most Pauls weren’t very good. I traded the Custom for, believe it or not, a solid topped Standard that played like a vintage model. Those were the days.


  2. 2

    nelscross said,

    Don’t know beans about guitars, but am wondering if you are going to post again anytime soon?

  3. 3

    E said,

    Probably. I generally forget that I have this thing.

  4. 4

    Ciaran said,

    Well I would keep the Les Paul and paly it sitting down on a stool. Im 42and the old bones are starting to play up. I decuded to buy a Gibsin SG, I have a Strat and Telecaster and a gretsch Pro jet. the SG sounds like a beauty without the load i have a epi Les paul sounds amazing for such a cheap guitar but I really want A gIBSON

  5. 5

    vintagekool said,

    You can pick up a used Gibson SG for a pretty good price ($600 or less )on craigslist or ebay.

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