Cleaner Air

Ok, I know via the hit counter that I don’t get too many people reading this blog. I am cool with that. I never imagined that it would get traffic anyway. So for the “masses” that swing by my little corner of the net, I am going ot start with a little bit of Nascar. In Nascar Racing, you have basically 4 types of tracks. Short tracks, road coarses, restrictor plate tracks and downforce tracks. I am going to be talking about the last one in this entry. Downforce tracks are the majority of the tracks on todays Nascar Circut. Alot of them fall into the category called “Cookie Cutter tracks” because they tend to be very similar as far as shape (Tri-oval) similar banking, and you tend to use very similar car setups. When you watch these races, you see a very common trend. If you are in traffic, your car doesn’t run as well. You are drawing dirty, hot air into the engine. You loose grip when you pull up next to somebody. The only place you really run well is up front where you can get clean air. The engine seems to have a hundred more horsepower. The car that gets up front is able to pull away from the field at an amazing rate.

I see many ways in which The Church today is very similar. You can drive through pretty much any city in America today and find just about what ever type of Church you are looking for. Big or small you can generally get the same messages and have the same experience if you stay within the denominational lines. The styles may change a bit and from what I have seen, this is usually dependant on the Age/makeup of the church body but, you can’t hold that as gospel.( Hey, I made a joke…) The differing factor that I find is the health of the church. Are they going after the Heart of God? Are they serving each other and also serving their community? How does the surface compare with what lies beneath?

For a while now, I have felt like I have been back in traffic with my church community. Many things on the surface seem really good and from looking at it you would get the impression that everything was great but when you get talking to folks, you find out that many people share the same concerns. I would say that each of us have some part in contributing to the problem because it is “our” community. But how do we fix it? We have been meeting with a group of folks that want to get back to the cleaner air. Not to win some race but to get back to how God wants us to be. To love Him and to love each other. To make a change in our community for the better so we can do a more effective job of sharing the Gospel of Christ.

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  1. 1

    LeAnn said,

    This was a very interesting analogy to use. I liked it!

  2. 2

    nelscross said,

    When does Tony Stewart come in a wreck you in the closing laps to win?

    Great analogy Ed. I have been thinking about the same thing lately. Where do you find your church’s true identity?


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